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Papi Chocolate - [New!] Roll Mr.Papi and coat him with chocolate!
X Stacking - [New!] Cram more X letters as possible.
Broad Bean Golf - [New!] Let's play golf with broad beans! (This game is playable on web browsers)
Unlimited Elevators - Jump on elevators, and go to the right!
Fairy of Sit-ups - Let's secretly support the woman who can't do sit-ups.
PapiJump - simple but addictive jumping action game. Move Mr.Papi left and right so that he jumps well!
PapiWall - Mr.Papi is rolling down a dangerous hill!
PapiTrampoline - Many vegetable monsters are coming!
Ika-ring Quoits - Let's play quoits with ika-rings!
SFCave - Control ribbon to avoid cave walls!
ActionPotato - a cooking action game. Catch fresh potatoes!
PapiHop - Jump and jump on colorful platforms
PapiDrive - Mr.Papi drives his smiley car to get more hamburgers!
PapiFlap - Mr.Papi is flapping in the air!
PapiMountain - Climb a mountain with avoiding a large herd of Papis!
PapiBlocks - OMG! Many blocks fall from the sky.
PapiStep - Control Mr.Papi to jump up on moving platforms!
KagamiMochi - Let's make a kagami mochi and enjoy Japanese culture
PapiEscape - Many yellow enemies chase Mr.Papi.
PapiMirror - Two Papis move to the opposite direction.
PapiBounce - Mr.Papi is bouncing in a water pipe.
PapiMelt - Mr.Papi came into an ice castle where many hamburgers exist.
PapiCannon - A cannon launches Mr.Papi and blasts vegetable monsters!
PapiTrio - Papi Trio (three red ball guys) are rolling in each layer!
PapiPlane - Control Papi Plane and fights with many enemies!
PapiTap - Click Papis to keep them on the air.
PapiDiving - Mr.Papi dives into the sea to collect coins!
ActionWall 3D - Jump over the walls on a long road.
PapiSurvival - Mr.Papi is so hungry in a mysterious labyrinth.
PapiRubber - Mr.Papi fights with many enemies. His weapon is a spiky ball with a rubber rope!
ActionSwing - Jump from a swing timely and land on a SAFE platform!
PapiRiver - scroll action game. Move Mr.Papi left and right so that he swims well!
PapiBatting - Let's play baseball with Mr.Papi!
PapiMissile - Many enemy missiles are falling down to the Papi Town.
PapiDefense - Defend Papi Tower from enemy missiles!
PapiOrange - The Earth has been attacked by Orange creatures!
PapiPole - This is an eccentric action game.
PapiCatch - Move Mr.Papi (red ball guy) and let him eat more hamburgers!
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