PapiMissile Plus

How to Play

This is a deluxe edition of PapiMissile, which is a shooting action game.

In addition to the free edition, PapiMissile Plus has the following MULTIPLE LEVELS and the LOCAL HIGH-SCORE RANKING feature.

In a game, slide your finger from a military base to launch Mr.Papi (red ball guy) and break missiles and enemies.

- If you break many missiles and enemies at a time, you get more score.

- If all the bases are destroyed by missiles, the game is over.

- Sometimes an extra base flies through the air. If he gets it, a destroyed base will be recovered.

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Platform: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Price: $0.99

We ended support of this app in April 2013.
We can't provide updates of this app, even if the free version of PapiMissile updates with more features, or even if this app does not works correctly.

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This app isn't available at some countries, sorry.


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