Frequently Asked Questions and Suggestions

Q. I can't download apps.
A. Currently our apps are only available on limited countries. We have stopped distribution of some apps. Sorry.

Q. I submitted my score, but the network was offline. Is the score lost?
A. In most of our apps, you can resubmit your latest 3 scores from Title Menu > Tools > Scores tab. (Note that if you replay the game, the latest score is overwritten and you can't resubmit the old one.)

Q. Can I change my nickname for high score rankings?
A. Click the [Change Your Name] link on the bottom of the result page when you submit a score.

Q. When I submit a score, I always get the message "Session expired."
A. Probably you have to enable cookies. Change the setting as: Home > Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies > From Visited. Then restart the device

Q. Please show high scores on the local app, not on the web.
A. We're sorry, but we can't do this for free games. We are very glad that you access our web site, which is one of our motivations to create free apps.

Q. Why is there no all-time high score ranking?
A. Because (1) Some users cheat the game with tools and submit unbelievable scores. Their scores go to the top of the ranking. It is difficult to automatically eliminate their scores from the ranking. (2) High scores will be deleted if you don't submit your score for 6 months, because of server resource limitation. (3) After some time, all-time rankings tend to be fixed and lack of changes. (4) We provide a score rating system instead of the all-time ranking.

Q. Safari creates a new window each time I submit my score. It is cumbersome to close each tab manually.
A. Sorry, a new window opens each time you submit a score. Close them all at once after you end the game session.

Q. Is PapiJump a clone of Doodle Jump?
A. No, it isn't. PapiJump and PapiJump Plus were released earlier than Doodle Jump. (See the article in toucharcade.com)

Q. How can I listen to my music while playing the game?
A. First play your music by iPod/Music app, then launch the game, click Tools/Settings button (the gear icon on the title menu), and set 'Sound Volume: OFF'.

Q. The sound is silent even at max volume. How do I make the game louder?
A. Use hardware volume buttons on the side of a device. Or, setup volume in the Music app if you use iPod touch 1st gen.

Q. My game froze/crashed! What should I do?
A. See the trouble-shooting guide. Summary: (1) Quit the app. (2) Restart your device. (3) Update your iPhone software (firmware) to the latest version by iTunes (if not). (4) If this doesn't help, delete the app and download it again from AppStore. (5) If this doesn't help, backup your data, delete unnecessary apps, and fully restore your device by iTunes.

Q. When will new apps release?
A. We can't predict it.

Q. Your English has errors.
A. It is helpful if you tell us the English mistakes via the comment form on the top page. Because we are Japanese, we are not familiar with the English.

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